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Hello again,
It’s been a real long time since I posted something on the blog. My fault. I could perhaps try to look for excuses, but I guess that would be a waste of time. Let us say simply that there have been three main factors in my disappearance:

  • Some things have changed in my private life, requiring more of my previously free time
  • My job has asked me for more involvement, and I have dedicated a lot of energy to my research (may I remind you that it deals with solar-grade silicon materials. I will post some article about this in the future for sure)
  • Those last 6-7 months, a huge amount of things happened worldwide, related to environmental destruction, ressource depletion, etc. Paradoxically it should have compelled me to more frequent publications but the information was so overhelming and depressing (yes, I have to admit) that I have tended to forget a bit about the blog and divert my interests

Hopefully I couldn’t help reading the news and keeping on analyzing the world as it goes. So I might have some more words to say. In addition, I have been attending this year two 2-weeks intensive graduate courses on Industrial Ecology, dealing respectively on Sustainable Production and Sustainable Consumption. These are offered to lucky postgraduate students in Industrial Ecology (IE) within the Marie-Curie program of the European Union. Although my research is not at all linked to IE since I work at NTNU, the coordinating university, I have had the opportunity to attend those courses where some participants had cancelled their trip. I am by the way deeply grateful to them, they have given me the opportunity to learn a lot and deepen my understanding of the system we live in, the intricate interlinks between its constituents, and such interesting things that I will not miss to write about here.

I do not like to make promises I cannot keep. So I won’t say “see you next week”, but I will just tell you that I am still here, still alive, and more motivated than ever to let you read my thoughts and share my knowledge on these environmental issues that are so important to our common future.

See you soon on blå skärm!


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I have been thinking about writing something on the climate deniers. They are so-called scientists, or other persons with the ability to reach the media and publish their ideas, who spend their time trying to convince people that Anthropogenic global warming (AGW, see this post) is indeed a myth, invented by governments and other scientists in order to make themselves heard and cause chaos in our society.
Well, first of all, I would say that sometimes the guys are no scientists. Or if they are, well, they may be PhD or professors in another field than climatology. But of course what they’ll put forward is their title. A critical point to identify deniers is that they are ready to use every single piece of paper, put it out of its context, and claim high and loud that this is another proof against AGW. Another common feature is to use papers that are not intended to deny anything, maybe to suggest new ideas, and put them at the front, yelling that here it is, a new theory denies AGW. Here is a recent example, analyzed by real climatologists.

Anyway, one question is “how can they express themselves so much if they are just isolated guys?”. That’s a good question. In fact, if let’s say 95% of the scientists studying global warming are favorable to an anthropogenic theory and the 5% left do not, then it would be normal to hear the latter only 5% of the time.

But that’s in a perfect world, where freedom of speech is respected, and more important, where an equal ability to express oneself is given to all. And two factors contribute to a violation of these rules. Lobbying and money. The first one leads corrupted governments to prevent scientists to express themselves on the subject. The second one allows huge corporations to fund groups whose goal is systematically to deny AGW. ExxonMobil is one of them. Recently, Friends of the Earth put online a video aiming at sensibilizing people about such facts. There is also a petition you can add your name to. Because in the US, corporations are forced by law to publish who they give money to. Not in Europe. So Exxon and others can give out money to any denial group, without even being bothered about what the public thinks about it. This aside, they are currently misleading the public by publishing advertisements on their “reduced GHG emissions” whereas they actually increase them. So sign it please, and show that you support such groups working to counterbalance the increasing power of corporations. Thanks.

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